This is a small puzzle activity that focuses on applying the knowledge students have gained with the sums of ten. While the Tower of Ten allows students to work freely within the sums of ten that they recognize, the bridge race requires them to search and identify any sum of ten and apply them within a defined problem or puzzle.

*Demonstrate the entire game before going step by step.


  • 1

    Have students build two stacks of 10

    (2 blocks in each stack). (2 min)

    Purpose: Students are creating a puzzle for the other students to complete.

    • Encourage students to swap out different blocks for each tower.
    • Build with them until they understand the game.
    Stacking blocks
  • 2

    Have students mix both of their stacks into a pile.

    (1 min)

    • Mix the stacks well so it isn’t immediately obvious how each stack was built.
    Stacking blocks
  • 3

    Have students move to the next person's pile and race to build them up again.

    (2 min)

    Purpose: Students are challenged in this activity both by building a puzzle for their classmate and also by completing the puzzle their classmate created for them.

    • When both stacks are complete, have students place an "8-block" across both stacks to show that the stacks are equal in height.
    • This is a race, but encourage a second and third place winner to keep everyone engaged and learning.
    • Repeat the race to give multiple students a chance to win.
    Stacking blocks
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