This group activity gives students the opportunity to work together to build a large tower using number combinations that add up to 10. Try to keep the excitement high by encouraging the students to use every block available and stack as high as they can.

*Demonstrate the entire game before going step by step.


  • 1

    Explain that in order to build the tower they will need walls of equal height

    (1 min)

    Purpose: Help students break down the problem into smaller parts.

    • Suggest the "10-block" as the height of the wall.
    Stacking blocks
  • 2

    Take turns adding two number combinations of 10 to the tower.

    (5 min)

    Purpose: Give students repetition with combinations of 10.

    • Have students check by comparing heights with the "10-block."
    Stacking blocks
  • 3

    Place a number (1-9) on the tower and ask a student to find the number that would make the stack equal to 10.

    (3 min)

    Purpose: Assess an individual student's mastery of combinations to 10 and finding missing addends.

    • A student's reaction speed will indicate how well they remember the different combinations that make up 10.
    Stacking blocks
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